Rosalind McFadden-Green 

Oracle, Educator, Psychic & Intuitive Coach, and Artist


Life can sometimes be challenging and feel like a weight upon your shoulders.  I know because I've been there.

I discovered my intuition after the death of my beloved grandmother over 17 years ago and then shortly thereafter; I also went through a divorce.  I was feeling so alone and out of sorts, it was then that both my intuition and healing abilities began to show up!


Synchronicities like books falling from shelves in the library, angel oracle card decks falling off shelves in the bookstore and landing at my feel or the strange tattoo on the wrist of the cashier at the grocery store; all of these and more were the start of my journey. People began to enter my life and I was directed to the person who would teach me about Energy Healing.

The angels had guided me to people, who had in turn, guided me. I was helped by those whom I could not even see, yet I knew I was loved beyond measure. I found that I was never alone or disconnected from the Divine and was surrounded by angelic beings who supported me all along my journey.

It is my wish to support, assist, and reconnect you with the greatest part of yourself which will allow you to release any blocks to being the best you can be. Whether it is an Angel Healing, Channeled Soul Art on canvas, Angel Reading, or a spiritual development course/program; when we work with Source and the Angels, miracles can happen. 


Work with me today to get your Mojo back! 

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