The Oracle Salon: 
online spiritual development program
Level i

Spiritual Development Designed with
Intuitives and Healers In Mind

This course is perfect for:

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

In this course you will learn:

  • How to manage your own energy, protect your energy and space, and begin to take care of yourself with sacred self-care rituals and journaling. 

  • Learn about angels, spirit guides, and spirit.

  • Improve self-awareness and learn how the world of spirit works.​​

  • Understand how making time for yourself on a daily basis can change your life and start setting the foundation for lifelong connection. 

  • ​Learn powerful mindset and manifestation techniques. 

  • Participate in a program that will work for YOU and not a cookie-cutter program designed for everyone else.​

  • Learn how to use oracle cards in all areas of your life, including business.

About Your Guide:

Intuitive Coach, Angel Alchemist, Certified Oracle Card Reader, and educator, Rosalind McFadden-Green is known for her insightful, laughter-filled readings, layered with southern charm, sprinkled with magic, and surrounded by her angel posse.


Rosalind is an intuitive coach who guides healers and new intuitive's through a spiritual process that lights the path to their enchanted awakening. She uses angel-guided techniques to demonstrate how to unleash their unique abilities so that they can feel safe to open up to and embrace the next level of their spiritual journey. 


The original program, The Oracle Salon: Online Intuitive Card Reading Program was previously created with intermediate oracle card readers in mind but she soon realized that beginners could benefit as well. 


Before you join any "intuitive masterminds", take this program first! Learn the basics by investing in yourself and learning what you need to know.


Join her for this program on spiritual development from the foundational level UP. This program also incorporates oracle card reading as well! 


Begin your spiritual development journey AND learn how to read oracle cards from a proven instructor with hands-on learning and start using your intuition today!